Pink Transparent Star

a little bit about me!

i'm obvi keeping my real name private but that might change with time!

TMB is a platform where i can open up about my interests a little easier, and maybe make connections with people like me! but...who am i?

well: i'm pretty short, i'm a teenage girl, i have gingery/brown hair, i have glasses but i mainly wear contacts. i'm bisexual, and i am not a fan of the american gov because "blah blah two party system bad" but i am a democrat. my favorite musical artists are halloweens, sammy copley, pisskiss, the 1975, dog ears, bedouine, girlpuppy, lana del rey, tatu, the jam, and pulp. my favorite authors are fitzgerald, anne bronte (but really all of them), tolkien, gabrielle zevin, ottessa moshfegh, sylvia plath, t.s. elliot, emily dickinson, mary oliver, richard siken, donna tartt. (this list will continually grow)

i dont care for Y/A novels, i would like to make this clear. and i also really dislike rupi kaur and courtney peppernell (sorry!!!)

feel free to email me with book recs, i'd love to expand my little library.

here are some of my favorite books of all time + links to good reads if u want 'em