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Trick Mirror: reflections on self-delusion by: Jia Tolentino

HOOOLLLLYYYY BALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will not shut up about this book. tolentino has created a masterpiece of essays, exploring the nuances of femininity, capitalism, reality tv and its impacts on the psyche, rape culture and journalism in universities, and literary heroines. full of wit and charm, and so so much tenderness for all she talks about, i could not put it down. (i actually finished it a bit ago, but haven't had time to do a new update.) not only did she write in an endlessly entertaining prose, but she did not waste my time as a reader. she found the happy medium of humanity in non-fiction writing, while maintaining concision. truly, this was such a powerful read. i even referenced her essay Pure Heroines in my goddamn college application.

as someone who is a feminine feminist, it can be impossible to pinpoint where exactly i lie in the tumultuous experience of womanhood, and i can't even imagine how other women - far less privileged than i am - manage these seas. but jia tolentino's essays put feminism and american culture eye to eye with one another, and makes us learn uncomfortable ideas, and confront aspects of whiteness, patriarchy, and capitalism in a manner than is never overbearing or "woke." she simply states things as she perceives them, and the convulsions around them.

i've been trying to pick a favorite essay, but honestly it's a bit impossible. i might just rank my favorites, it might be easier that way.

  • pure heroines
  • the cult of the difficult woman
  • the story of a generation in seven scams
  • the "i" in internet
  • always be optimizing
  • this was an attempt to be conservative and only choose my favorite essays, but the whole book was wonderful. i cannot recommend it enough. 10/10.

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