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here's what i'm reading and where you can buy it!

TEQUILA IS READING: Nana by: Emile Zola The Naive and The Sentimental Novelist by: Orhan Pamuk

links here:

  • the naive and the sentimental novelist.
  • nana
  • general access and info on what i'm currently consuming media-wise.

    on and off reading consider the lobster by david foster wallace, it's an essay collection. it's not under currently reading, because i'm only reading it sometimes. (college season fml)

    i'm also STILL reading the master and margarita by mikhail bulgakov, translated into english since i am unable to read russian. will post links to both of these below!

    i've been doing a lot of college stuff, but when i'm not doing that, i've been reading some insanely wonderful art history books.


  • the bright ages, by matthew gabriele & david m. perry
  • literally SO MANY THINGS
  • hopefully, now that i am home i will finally be able to get around to reading and updating a lot more! cu