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where i post memes, my music, my own writing etc

i don't entirely know what to put here yet, but we'll get there!

why don't we start with the songs i've been listening to a lot?

enjoy listening! also pls send me music recs.

- t <3

  • you take my breath away
  • the nightingale's lament
  • parklife
  • no surprises (gut-wrenching version)
  • beautiful world
  • or just listen to my PL


    check out the meme page


    been playing around with some dollz, decided to make me. also, i turned myself into some pixel art so i could have a pfp up on here for whatever reasons might arise. this is quickly escalating from smart girlblog into cutesy girlblog, but it's misogynistic to think i cannot be both. debunking some internalized woman-hate i clearly have. may we all be smart and cutesy like my dollz!

    casual t in her little outfit t in her bitch shirt t in her fancy outfit