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The Flame by: leonard cohen

oh my god. okay. where do i even start? this collection was absolutely breathtaking, every poem and drawing and ramble. i am incredibly biased because i've always loved his music, but i've never read his literary work before. this was an incredible introduction. honestly, this selection was transcendental - a delicious read from start to finish. the poems were heartfelt, even more raw than some of his music, and i didn't even know he was such a skilled traditional artist! leonard cohen is always full of surprises, one must assume. his unfinished lyrics, his political commentary - everything felt so lovingly collated into The Flame that i didnt't skip a single piece.

truth be told, this was a near-biblical read for me. might be one of my favorites. I shall transcribe one of my favorite poems here:

Nightingale, page 98

I built my house beside the wood

So I could hear you singing

And it was sweet and it was good

And love was all beginning

Fare thee well my nightingale

'Twas long ago I found you

Now all your songs of beauty fail

The forest gathers round you

The sun goes down behind a veil

'Tis now when you would call me

So rest in peace my nightingale

Beneath your branch of holly

Fare thee well my nightingale

I lived but to be near you

Though you are singing somewhere still

I can no longer hear you

easily, i give this a 10/10. not a single question asked. i'm excited to start his other collection, Book of Longing.

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